Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Old Way

I’m doing this one the way I did quite a lot of them when I first started doing this.

I’ve got a pile of old scrap paper, and I figure I may as well use some of it for the first paper draft of a blog post because it’s too low-quality for even my art. That really says something, that I’ve got scrap paper that’s too low quality for me to do art on.

Anyway, I used to do way more draft work on paper like this, before I got too busy playing “Let’s Pretend I’m An Artist” with it. There were times when I’d get serious hand cramps as a result, but it was worth it. I should really do this more often anyway, since I’ve got good reason to, and it’s going to be getting better soon, as I understand.

I won’t be getting into too many details right now, since I’m not entirely sure how much I’m supposed to know. I will say, though, that I’ll soon have family who wants to get into art as a career by way of the Internet, and having one less asshole like me drowning them out will almost certainly be a good thing.

In a way, I’ve been in kind of a similar position with my writing, so I really should minimize the amount of time I spend being “that guy” about this whole online business. It may actually be a good thing for all of us.

Here’s to luck for us all!

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