Friday, August 31, 2012

TEXT PLAY: Legend of Mana (PlayStation; 2000): Issue #29: Pwa!

You know something? I'm getting a serious sense of deja vu off this, and I'm pretty sure I haven't done this part of the game yet.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More About Kitty

Here's something I may do a YouTube video about or talk about on my uStream channel next time I broadcast.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TEXT PLAY SIDE GAME: Final Fantasy (NES 1990/PS 2003 [Origins]): Issue #12: Class Change

Good news and bad below the jump, folks.

From The Old Floppies #19: MiSTing of "Digimon: Digidefenders Episode 5", part 2

I should begin this one by apologizing to those of you who have been waiting for this.  I've been busy with things offline lately and have just been forgetting.  I suspect I've also forgotten something else from my FTOF series as well.  I'll look into that and fix it as soon as I can.  Until then, let's get down to business on this one, shall we?  Italics read in Majel Barrett's voice, a la the Star Trek computer.

Last time, on JMST3K: Digidefenders Episode 5: Jesse and Leomon dress up as characters from The Red Green Show to keep from getting beaten up!  The Commander sends a team of two to Japan to almost meet the Tamers!  A giant Boarmon goes on a rampage in Shinjuku!  And Jesse loses his glasses to Renamon in a failed attempt to impersonate Red Green!

And now, the continuation...


Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Cat Kitty

Writing about Bravo, the cat from the rescue center, the other day, got me to thinking about my own cat.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Number 400: Little Bravo of the FFRC

So, I guess I'll be doing a special 400th post after all.

TEXT PLAY: Legend of Mana (PlayStation; 2000): Issue #27: Sugar Maple Forrest (Some NSFW Links)

This bit of commentary is going to take a turn towards NSFW territory, folks. That's one reason why there's always a jump for folks reading this from the front page of my blog.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

From The Old Floppies #18: MiSTing of "Digidefenders Episode 5" Part 1

There's more to the title than that, but we'll get to see that in a bit.  First, though, I think I should set this up for context.

The last one of these I posted was of a junk email from late in my career as a MST3K fan writer.  One of, of not the, last bit of fan fiction I based such a thing on was a fan-made series based on the third season of the Digimon franchise, titled Tamers, which is worth checking out.  The series author went by the handle Phantom1, and, as memory serves, was part of the MiSTing community as well.  There was a general solicitation that went out for fans of Digimon Tamers who were also MiSTing authors to apply the "treatment" to the first so-called episode of the series, and I took the call.  I rather enjoyed the original story, and Phanto, as I called him, and I struck a deal to continue the series, both with and without the commentary, as long as we could.  This arrangement lasted a surprisingly long time, all things considered.

What follows is not only my favorite in the series, but also my all-time favorite amongst the MiSTings that I personally wrote.  So, here we have part one of three or four of Digimon Digidefenders: Episode 5!