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From The Old Floppies: Issue #11: Selections From "MacKedzie's Journal", Part Two

I've been meaning to get back to this for awhile, especially since this quasi-historical stuff I post seems to be relatively popular and I need to bring up my ad revenue a bit.  It's interesting to see some of this stuff again.  There's some that's good and just as much or more that I'm actually kind of glad that I'd forgotten.

I'm going to post three last entries from the pseudo-journal I did and then call it done with.  It's been interesting to see it all again, and there are a few that I didn't look at, but I've posted enough now for folks to get the gist of what it was about, so I'll move on to other things I want to post from here.

I Need Money...

Change! Ya got change? Help a guy out, will ya? Change!

Post Number 300

I could spend days trying to come up with something suitably epic and not do it, so I'll just do this instead.

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From The Old Floppies: Issue #10: Selections from "MacKedzie's Journal", Part One

There are some things that make me realize I've made a few mistakes along the way to getting into this whole blogging thing.  One of those things is a project I did in 2003 and early 2004 called "MacKedzie's Journal".  Essentially, it was a thinly disguised blog that I was doing on Fiction Press.  These were barely-fictionalized tellings of various things that had happened on a given day.  I suspect that an early form of Blogger may have been around at the time, and if I'd have been using it then in a way even remotely like I do now, I may have actually gotten somewhere with it all.

Of course, at the time, these were simultaneously more personal and more negative than they should have been.  Perhaps it's for the best that they were buried on FP and eventually taken down not long after.  And all this gets me to thinking that perhaps I could have put them on LiveJournal, which is something I'm constantly forgetting that I have an account on, as well.  Maybe one day I'll post excerpts there that I don't post here.

In the meantime, however, here the first two of maybe four or six randomly selected chapters my proto-blog for your perusal.

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VLOG: I Like Chili

Because I do.

From The Old Floppies: Issue #9: A Number Munchers Fan Fiction

Well, here's a little something I'd forgotten about quite some time ago.  It's a Number Munchers fan fiction.  You read that right: a Number Munchers fan fiction.  This was a little thing I came up with one day after having reacquainted myself with the old Munchers games from my childhood.  Even when I wrote this, it had been a good fifteen years since these games had been halfway relevant for me, so it was just a dumb idea to keep myself busy with one afternoon.

You'll notice that this is tagged with "Warp Power Studios and Theaters" and "A List of Evil" at the beginning.  That was just a silly little thing I was doing at the time because it was pretty much the in thing to do with fanfiction at that point in time.  It kinda got abandoned when being an adult became more important.

This particular piece never got published to my [FanFiction.Net page] for one reason or another.  I think one good reason for that was that at the time, there was no appropriate section for it.  Another is that it's a horribly stupid story.  See for yourselves below the jump.

An Almost Forgottet Item

I guess this means I should go through my CD-ROM collection when I clean my apartment later on today...

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From The Old Floppies: Issue #08: MiSTing of "Banned CD" spam

Back towards the end of my MiSTing career, I used to do a lot of email spam, in part because I would get a lot of it to work with, and saving it in a form that I could do so was much easier.  I still get the same volume, but it's nowhere near what it used to be, in terms of funny content or ease of saving to work with.

This is one of the later so-called "live action" ones I did of a piece called "!Banned CD!Banned CD!" that I used simply because I had claimed it on the Web Site Number Nine Dibs List and felt I had to do something with it.  It's a relatively bad piece, even for me.  I think I threw it together in like one afternoon on a day off, and it shows.  But hey, judging by the last few of these, maybe it'll be worth something here, just for what little entertainment value there may be here.


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TEXT PLAY: Legend of Mana (PlayStation; 2000): Issue #06: Breaking Into Branches (Branch A)

OK, I think I'm starting to get an idea here. It's a stupid idea, and more complex than it needs to be, but that might just mean it's just dumb enough to work.

From The Old Files: Issue #07: "Episode Guide" for fan-MiSTing "Day In The Life Of Pizza Cats"

Back towards the end of the fan-MiSTing era, it was sort of the in thing to do so-called episode guides for what we'd written.  I only did this one that I can remember, but that's because I was terrible at it, at least in my own opinion, and it was essentially doubling the amount of work for an episode of one of these things.

See, the concept of these episode guides was to condense the whole what was pretty much a double-fan-fiction down to a few paragraphs, maybe a page at best, jokes and all, and provide further thoughts on it all.  I only ever did this one because not only was it more work than I wanted to do for these things, as I said before, but I think I may also have done the base fan fiction's author a real disservice by trying to make the episode guide funny in and of itself.  I don't recall any specific comments against it, but I have a feeling that there was a little discontent on her part as a result of this episode guide, which only added to my incentive to only do something like it one time.

With that in mind, let's have a look at one of the few things I actually do kind of regret having written: the episode guide for the MiSTed version of "A Day In The Life Of The Pizza Cats".  It's better than the Sonic reviews I posed before, but also more regrettable, at least in my mind.


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TEXT PLAY: Legend of Mana (PlayStation; 2000): Issue #05: The Mindas Touch

Take One, anyway.

Video Test

 What you're about to see is an experiment.  Let me know how it works out.  Thanks.

From The Old Files: Issue #06: MiSTing of "A Day In The Life Of The Pizza Cats", part 3

Here's the third and final part of this thing.  I remember having a good time writing this originally, to the point that I even did an "episode guide" sort of thing for it.  I'll be posting that after a while, too.  But now that this is pretty much said and done with, I'm pretty much out of history that can't wait until the next thing that comes up, so without any further delay, here's part three.


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From The Old Floppies: Issue #05: MiSTing of "A Day In The Life Of The Pizza Cats", Part 2 of 3

Here's the second part of three I'm going to be doing this one in.  Breaking it up into parts like this is how we used to do it for the Usenet Newsgroups, which were still way more active at the time.  There's still at least one around, that I know of.  It's called RATMM, or  Used to self post there every now and again, but had to do it in parts because the old newsgroups were created at a time when most folks still had dialup Internet with slow download speeds and limited message size and space.  That's why I also liked submitting to archive sites.  That way, people could get whole things like this as one big piece if they wanted.  Plus, as I've mentioned before, I liked WSN9's rating system.  The good thing about the newsgroup is that it allowed for comments a little easier.

But anyway, here's part two of the MiSTing.  This time, we pick up with the first host segment and go through the first part of the story.  The end is the second host segment, which may date this a bit, with the implied commercial for Windows XP.

I hope you all enjoy this part and the next as much as you seemed to enjoy part one.


From the Old Floppies: Issue #04: MiSTing of "A Day In The Life Of The Pizza Cats", Part 1 of 3

What we've got here is one of the Mystery Science Theater-style fan fictions I wrote back about eight or ten years ago now.  By the time I did this one, by an author named Claudia Nimmich, I'd been doing my "self-insertion" series, where I used myself as the main character making fun of the movies, junk emails, and fan fiction typically used in this sort of thing instead of the TV show cast, for a while.  The first few I did, including the one "for reelz" movie I ever did one of these for, were supposed to be "live action", where the actual living, breathing, human me who's typing this, albeit in an alternate reality, was actually sitting down in an actual movie theater purchased and renovated specifically for the purpose of making fun of these things and doing exactly that.

This "Day in the Life" story was the first one where I had switched the setting to what would become the standard model for what would become the rest of the series, with a few exceptions.  As stated in the intro dialog, the switch happened magically one day when my character plugged in an arcade game in an attempt to get people to come visit the theater and watch things with him.  Conveniently, it worked.

Regarding other style notes, at the top of the piece will be the headers used for classification on Web Site Number Nine, which was, for several years, the premier archive for fan MiSTings, until its closure in 2002 or 2003, I can't remember which off the top of my head. (Here's an article I wrote on the subject at That Guy With The Glasses in 2010.)  At the end, there's a "credits sequence" mentioning the references I was trying to make and who I thought they were copyright to, but that's a post or two out.

This particular entry item is more than a little on the long side, being 34 pages long.  Therefore, I'll be dividing it up and posting it in parts over the next few nights.  So, here's tonight's installment: Part one of Day In The Life Of The Life Of The Pizza Cats", featuring the short, a junk email called "New Wave Services".  This is just the short.