Sunday, November 10, 2013

TEXT PLAY: Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Taito, SNES 1993): Issue #32: Sonic the Hedge Hog

Sometimes I almost wish I'd been a Sega boy.

I'm not sure why, but I've got this really weird “brain fact” telling me that Taito put out more games on Sega consoles than they did Nintendo ones.

Anyway, on to today's quest. Professor Shaia says he can make the Falcon fly if we take it to Shaia Lab #4. He also says that he'll need something called Power Oil to make it work. Naturally, he doesn't have any on hand because even though he made the Falcon so that it could fly, he never really tried it because it was too dangerous for him. As we all know, that means it's going to be our job to go get the Power Oil from some place called Epro while Shaia and crew shuttle off to his fourth lab in someplace called Frederia. Maybe it's because I could use a laugh right now, but it's really going to suck if that place was like Corneria in 8-Bit Theater in that the name of the place is actually Fred Area, where their chief export is the obnoxious Internet character Fred.

Once we get to Epro, which is north of Marse, by the way, we learn that the item shop would of sold us some, but they were all out due to a landslide blocking the road to the cave so that their supplier couldn't get through to the source in the aptly named Oil Cave. As a result, the item shop is completely closed and won't sell us anything until we get the owner his oil. Fortunately, he does explain that we just need to find a guy named Hedge and talk to him.

Hedge is just south of where the landslide has blocked the road. Given that he, and a few folks back in Epro said that this was from an earthquake that happened when Doom Island went back up, I've got my doubts about the well in the Oil Cave. Hedge does, too, I guess, because he gives us the key to the cave and says he quits the oil business.

Hedge does explain that there are eddy currents that we can take the Falcon through to get to the Oil Cave in the East Lagoon before we go. I'm assuming that means east of Epro. But since I'm sure getting through all that's going to take a little while and I'm a bit tuckered out tonight, that'll have to wait until next time, in issue #33: Dubya. See you then, folks.

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