Monday, November 10, 2014

Last Three DeviantART Posts: November 10, 2014

I'm sure there'll be more, of course.  Tonight just seemed like a good one to post something like this.

The first two are "sunny field" sort of things that I did to pass the time while doing my laundry and then colored later on.

Summertime Field by JMShearer on deviantART

This one's the last one I tried to come up with a decent name for.  I've kind of run out of names, which explains this next one.

Sunny Field #22 by JMShearer on deviantART

The number in the title might be low-balling it a bit, but it's a little easier than trying to come up with variations on a name when I've used pretty much all the ones I can think of.

Sometimes, though, I like messing around with the photo editing app I have on my phone.  That's how I came up with this:

That Lovely Nuclear Glow... by JMShearer on deviantART

It's a Mello Yello bottle that wound up looking a little radioactive after I messed around with it in an app called Laminar.  It's also where the stamp border came from.

I was going to work on something else tonight, but, per usual, it was late when I actually got around to working, and I couldn't find what I needed in time, so I decided on this instead.  I hope you enjoy it.

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