Friday, November 21, 2014

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy VIII (SquareSoft, 1999; Playstation): Issue #019: Airplane!

Apparently, anything Balam can do, Galbadia can do, too, but we won't officially find that out until later.

It's worth pointing out because there's a funny looking boat just off the coast of the town of Balam now, and Galbadian troops have got the town itself under siege, making the same threats that they did at Fisherman's Horizon. Essentially, the place is going to get burned if the people don't at least say where Ellone is.

The soldier guarding the entrance explains all this, which sets Zell off, if he's in the party, since Balam's more his home town than anybody's. Plus, his mom still lives there. It's always a good idea to stop by there and see her, even if Zell's not in the party, as I understand. Zell's mom has a way of moving the plot along, I guess. So Squall talks his way into town so we can go see her.

After we go talk to her, we need to go to the docks and talk to a soldier with a dog. He says the captain or whoever the ranking person we need to see had been fishing there earlier, and we just missed him, as he'd gone to go cook his catch. Where he'd gone was to Zell's place. His mom says he really made the place reek with his fish before running off again to give it to the troops at the train station. Now, I don't know if it was the kind of fish he was using or that he couldn't cook for shit, but all the guys at the station were acting like they were about to blow chunks from eating it.

From there, it's back to the docks to find the dog again. That dog will lead us to the train station again, where he flushes Fujin from the train. We'll have to fight him outside the hotel after his partner gets mad at him for being a screw-up. He's got life and protect spells, which I needed to stock up on, so I took some time to do that.

Once he goes down, the party can make way into the Balam Hotel, where we find Raijin, who's rarely very far from Fujin. On top of Aero and life spells, that I finished stocking up on, Raijin also has a new guardian force called Pandemona, which can come in handy.

After we beat the duo, they say that, at least for now, they're done with Garden because they're too loyal to their friend Seifer, who works for the Sorceress now. Next time we see them, should I make it that far in the game, it'll be a real fight instead of still kind of holding back like they apparently had been before.

It's an oddly emotional parting of ways for Squall, though he can't or won't say as much because he's, well, Squall. From there, it's back to the Garden, where Quistis, Nida and Xu want to know where we're headed next. The next official destination is supposed to be Trabia Garden so that Selphie can see what's become of the place.

Before heading there, though, I went to Dollet to find the pet shop there because I needed to pick up some items for my guardian forces. In fact, these are the only ones I'll use on these things. They're called amnesia greens, which make them forget skills they've already learned. That comes in handy because there's some that lead to stronger, similar skills that are more useful. Making them forget some makes room for the newer, better ones.

After I got that little errand run, I went to where Trabia Garden is, so that's where we'll pick up next time. Until then, stay safe, keep gaming, have fun, and DFTBA!

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