Wednesday, April 26, 2017

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation, 2000, Square-Enix): Issue #026: A Little Qu-ing Around

Not much to say here. Just kind of goofing around, really.

In fact, when I sat down to write this one, I figured I'd just make this a two-session entry because by the time I actually got to the Qu's Marsh in the general area of Conde Pette, I was kind of zonking out from having to fight the same two monsters over and over again, and needed to stop. After I'd done exactly that, I realized that I'd forgotten to check for a weapons shop in the Black Mage Village, so next time I get a chance to turn everything on again, I'll go back and look for one and make use of it if there is one. It would be a little odd if there weren't one there, since there's a Synthesis Shop, an Item Shop and an Inn in a village full of people who were meant as something of a warrior caste. I could have been mistaken, though, which is why the second session was for going back to check.

The one more or less positive thing to come from the first part of this was getting Goblin Punch from a Goblin Mage in the Qu's Marsh while I was messing around there. I guess it makes sense I hadn't gotten it already, since I don't think I had Quina in the party last time goblin type monsters were available.

The trip back to the Black Mage Village was successful in that it did yield the answer I was looking for, even if it wasn't the one I was hoping for. Turns out there's no weapons shop there, so much as I could find. I won't say there isn't one there. Just that I can't seem to find it if there is one.

With that in mind, it's back to Conde Pette, where the party discusses what they need to do to get to the Sanctuary that's east of the village. There's hints scattered throughout the town, of course. The guys guarding the east exit, by the weapons shop that really is here, say we need to go through “the ceremony” with “His Holiness” to get past them. There's also a young couple that talks about getting the blessing of the sun and the mountains and trees when they get older, and then writing their names together in the Sanctuary. There's even one dude who talks like a father looking for a nice young Dwarf lady for his son to hook up with.

Now, I'm not a terribly religious person myself, but what I've been able to pick up from a little exposure over the course of my life, my more faithful relatives might refer to what these folks are talking about as the sacrament of marriage. I'd call that a simple educated guess, but I've played through this part of the game a few times by now, so I know that's exactly what we're going to have to do, and it gets a little creepy, all things considered. But I'll get into that bit of weirdness next time.

Until then, though, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!

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