Monday, May 1, 2017

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation, 2000, Square-Enix): Issue #027: o/~ I Love You/Always Forever... o/~

Yeah, it's a one-hit wonder from my senior year of high school, but it really seems to fit Zidane and Dagger, which is, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, what Princess Garnet has been calling herself for most of the game. Would not be surprised if there's at least one fan-made music video about these characters, set to this very song out there. This particular outing, we'll get into one of the scenes that's almost certainly in one or all of them: the wedding scene.

Now, given that this is kind of an on-the-spot wedding, I can sort of understand why nobody seems to know where the local priest is so he can perform the ceremony. On top of that, from what I understand of all of this, the sort of ceremony we're talking about here is the sort of thing that takes at least a couple days to set up properly, and longer than that if the couple really intends to fancy it up and all.

Then again, I was recently more or less the best man at my brother's justice-of-the-peace style wedding, and even that took awhile to get set up right, too. There's always a few things that take time to process with this sort of business, and this was supposedly the quicker, easier way of doing things.

Anyway, the people we talk to about finding the priest, a guy called Father David, all seem a little unsure as to where the man is at present. He's hanging around in the passageway near the entrance to the village, once you've chatted up all the right people. He'll explain that the ceremony is unite a young couple, usually a man and a woman, with the blessing of the sun. Zidane comments on how it sounds an awful lot like a wedding. Father David says he doesn't understand exactly what Zidane's talking about, but it sounds like that Zidane's got the right idea, more or less.

Turns out, setting up what amounts to a church wedding is a relatively quick and easy thing in Conde Pettie. Not long after Father David says he's happy about getting to do a hundred ceremonies, they have the thing set up. Father David says his words while Zidane has more second thoughts about all this than Dagger does. He's taking all this very seriously, thinking that they're getting all married up for realzies and stuff. Once everything's all said and done, Dagger says they're only married while they're in this one village because it's what gets them through to the next area.

As they discuss things, Vivi and Quina jump in and say that they don't want to get left behind. We're given the option of telling them either that we're just going ahead or that they can get married, too, just so they can officially come with us. I've always gone the marriage route, but I think the same thing happens either way. There's a mandatory ATE where whoever's been horking food shows up again and jacks some food during Vivi and Quina's ceremony. Turns out, it's a little girl and a funny looking moogle named Mog. It's a familiar name, but it's not the same one from Final Fantasy 6.

We're at another one of those junctures where Quina's going to go flouncing off on us so we can have another one of the “mandatory” characters in the party. I usually take the equipment off characters when I know something like this is coming, but in this case, I didn't get it done. I had a chance, of course, but I'd forgotten just how long that chance would last, and it turned out to be shorter than I remembered. The good news is, we'll be getting that stuff back later, and that may come in handy.

Quina goes buggering off after Mog, who ran the hell away from the party because he's a bit of a pussy. The rest of the party hooks up with the little girl, who's got a horn on her head. Her name's Eiko, and she's got quite a mouth on her. She'll sass Dagger and Vivi, but take kind of a liking to Zidane because he calls her “miss”. She's more or less the same age as Vivi, but doesn't want to admit it, which is part of it.

Turns out, Eiko's a white mage and summoner like Dagger. There's a little backstory here, but we'll be getting into that in the next couple issues. Until then, we'll be hanging around with Eiko until we can get her to the place she's hiding out in hopes Mog will be there, too. We'll get to that next time though, so until then, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!

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