Wednesday, December 4, 2013

TEXT PLAY: Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Taito, SNES 1993): Issue #36: Goofing Around, Part Two

Well, mission partly accomplished, anyway.

I did find that place that had the shop that only sold the stuff that I'd had before and then sold for some reason. It's a cool concept, and I think I've seen it used in a couple other games, but I've never really used it much. That's mostly because it's a cool concept, but not a particularly useful one, that I've noticed.

Gotta say, that's probably the worst part of this place, a town called Forfeit. Not only are all the shops filled with things that most players would have long since sold for a reason, i.e. that they've long since become useless, but there's no inn or save point.

Fortunately for me, I guess, I just happened to stumble across it by happy mistake and looked around because I'd said I would. I'm not sure I'll go back, because there doesn't seem to be much point to it. The only reason I might is if I find out that there's something I actually need from there. There is a chance of that, of course, since there's a basement in Forfeit, where a king and a queen have rented out some space. The king says he likes wearing disguises and going out to look for rare things because it gets his rocks off, but whatever. The queen tells you that she's running a “House of Magic” and asks if you've got any straw dolls and long nails. I did, but sold them, because there was no way in hell I ever thought I'd need them. At least there's that shop that sells things we'd sold to shops previously, and I had items I needed to sell anyway, so I went and sold those so I could buy what she said. Turns out, the queen will turn them into an item called Gloom Voice. I did have one of those as well, at one point. A decent item, but not necessarily one I'd want to take into a fight with me. Maybe if I go back, she'll ask for different combinations of seemingly useless items, but I'm at a point where I don't think I'll do that unless I need to level grind later.

And I may have to do exactly that, because I'm going to skip that other side quest I mentioned last time. It sounds a lot like it might be a lot like finding Forfeit Island. Something to do, but not really worth it. If I have to grind, I might just do the Dragon Egg quests instead. There are three of those, and the good strategy guide I found makes it sound like it might actually be worthwhile.

But before then, I'm going to spend the next few issues trying to actually finish off the game. My SNES has been acting more and more like there's a short in it, and I'd at least like to say I beat this game on it, since I don't think there have been any re-releases of it, though the Wii Virtual Console may prove me wrong.

Until then, though, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!

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