Tuesday, December 24, 2013

TEXT PLAY: Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Taito, SNES 1993): Issue #37: Arubus Cube

Basically, this is the last town in the game.

Kind of a creepy place, really. Nice enough town, but creepy, too. It's all full of old folks, from what I've seen. Nothing against old people, of course. It just kind of worries me that there don't seem to be too many young people here.

Naturally, though, I'm kind of acting like an older fellow myself, which is to say that I absent mindedly chose the “quit game” option when I saved after getting everybody I could their last store-bought equipment, so I used the opportunity to start this issue and check the strategy guide I downloaded. It says there's a guy in Arubus who will tell you how to find the key to get into the last tower of the game before we go on to fight the actual final bosses. I guess I knew that part, and also that the guy would want some Apple Cider to tell you what you need to know. The thing that kind of bothers me about these games is that I know you've kinda gotta talk to guys like that just to make the plot move along.

Once the Apple Cider is purchased for a thousand gold pieces from a dude who's shop is in a sub-basement tucked away in the northwest part of Arubus. The man who wanted the cider tells you that the cave where the key to Glasdar Tower is hidden in a cave north of the tower. It's not a hard place to get to. It's the monsters that can really beat your ass if you're not careful. But at least there's the airship to get us there.

The cave itself isn't particularly hard to get through, either. There have been more difficult caves before this one, and if memory serves, the next one is going to be a little harder, too. Essentially, the most difficult part of this one, aside from the monsters, is finding the switch to the one teleporter pad in the cave, which is accessed through a pair of doors right next to one another on the bottom floor. The switch we're looking for is in the left door there.

There are some good items in the cave, but not anything that I think would be absolutely necessary. But now that I've got the key, I'll just go back to Arubus for now and go for the tower next time.

See you then!

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