Tuesday, October 7, 2014

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy VI (Super Nintendo, Square, 1994): Issue #039: o/~ Baba's Back! .o/~

It's been awhile since I've done any of this, but that's mostly because some unfortunate and, for the time being, anyway, at least somewhat personal things have happened since then. I might get into it later, but for now, on with the game.

To begin this time around, I took Gau out on the Veld for awhile. Got him a few new monsters for his rage list. Again, there were a few that just plain and simple got away, but there'll be other chances to get to them.

The next stop was one of the little islands just north of Mobliz, where Terra was last time we saw her. I got in a fight there, where Sabin leveled up and learned a new Blitz called Swirler, I believe, that gives his health and magic to the other party members, but proves fatal to him. Of course, I didn't remember or realize that when I tried it during the boss fight with Phunbaba in Mobliz that takes place in a bit. It did come in handy, though. I'll get to why when I get to the boss fight.

In the house where all the kids plus Duane and Katarina are living and taking care of each other and Terra, the party finds that there's been some tension between the two parents-to-be, and Katarina has run off to one of the other houses to get some space. Duane's still a halfway decent father, though, and has gone after her to try to make things right. And of course, Terra's there, too, to maybe talk sense into them.

Turns out, Katarina's within days of having the baby she was pregnant with last time we saw them, and both the soon-to-be-parents are a little stressed out about it. Just as the young couple decides that they can pull through for their kid, Phunbaba attacks again. At first, Terra thinks she still can't fight, so the party goes out to deal with it.

This is where it came in handy that Sabin's Swirler move wound up proving fatal for him. See, once Phunbaba gets down to critical health from the normal party, in this case I had Shadow, Sabin, Gau, and Edgar, Phunbaba does a breath attack that knocks three party members out of the party. But since Sabin was dead, and not even on the screen at the time, really, he was back in the party, albeit dead, after a cutscene where Terra morphs and joins the fight. Having both Shadow and Sabin in the party with Terra really made things easy for actually finishing off Phunbaba. An interesting note about this fight is that Terra doesn't have a meter for her morph this time, so she stays that way the whole time.

After the battle, Terra realizes she can still fight and needs to rejoin the party to go after Kefka in his tower. She tells the kids that Duane and Katarina will keep them safe, and that they'll need help with the new baby when it comes. She then says her goodbyes because she's coming with us to make sure the world's a safer place for them to live in because Kefka's gone.

From here, I think I'll try to get Cyan again. I'm pretty sure there's a way to get him out of Zozo, but I just can't remember how, exactly, that works. The good news is that there are a lot of Let's Plays out there that might actually help me get it figured out.

Anyway, see you soon with part one of that, I hope. Until then, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!

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