Thursday, October 16, 2014

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy VI (Super Nintendo, Square, 1994): Issue #040: o/~ Cyan's Back... o/~

Boy, two Backstreet Boys references in as many FF6 issues. And to the same song, no less. I must have summer of 1997 on my mind for some reason and not even know it.

Gotta say, though, I'm not sure why I had so much trouble with this part of the game the last couple times I've tried it. There's that Lola chick in Miranda, who's boyfriend was in Mobliz, who plays a part in this. She's been getting letters from somebody who thinks is her boyfriend. But since the party knows that Mobliz has been destroyed, they realize it can't be him and decide to find out who's really behind it, especially since it looks like the letters are in Cyan's handwriting now. There's also a ton of nicely-done silk flowers around, which are something that the soldier was not nearly well enough to be doing before.

Lola wants you to send a reply, saying she hopes her boyfriend gets situated to come see her soon, because she misses him. Sending it for her gives us a chance to follow a carrier pigeon to the town of Zozo, which is where I was going all this time and having no luck. I guess that's the problem with the number of times I've played this game. I've been through it often enough that I've got general ideas of where things are and what I've gotta do to make them happen, but sometimes I forget specifics.

So, once we send Lola's message to Zozo, we see the pigeon in the town. Talking to it here makes it fly up into a cave nearby. It's behind a door that was rusted shut before. There's the one honest merchant in the whole place who sells you something called Rust-Rid. Must be like WD-40 or 3-in-1 oil, as it opens the door right up and lets the party into the cave behind it. There's some stronger monsters in there, more appropriate for where we are in the game, because the ones in Zozo proper haven't changed a bit. The biggest threat in here is a bear monster called Ursus, which horks almost 9000 gold per turn its first two turns then runs away if you don't beat it quick enough.

There's also one of the Eight Dragons in this cave. The website I used to check this out, called Caves of Narshe (, says that this dragon, called the Storm Dragon, is the hardest of them, but it proved to be easier than the last dragon I tried to fight, back in Narshe. This one was really easy, especially once I learned that its weakness was lightning magic. Spamming it with Bolt 2 did the trick, especially since I had the Gem Box on Terra, which gave her two magic attacks per turn and Gogo in the party to use his Mimic ability on it.

Not that much farther on, we come across a cave full of silk flowers, done just as nicely as the ones in Miranda. There's also a desk with a letter on it that says its author is fessing up to not being honest with Lola, and because the guilt's finally getting the better of him, it's time for the truth to come out so they can move on with their lives and find real love again. Proceeding through the room and out a door on the other side, we find Cyan sending one more love letter via pigeon to Lola. He's happy to see the party and rejoins after hastily going to retrieve all his silk flowers and love letters. He gets all shy and defensive about it, but a little teasing from Terra brings him down. There's also a locked box in the room that has some interesting items in it. The key's out where Cyan was sending the message. The box contains two books on machinry that have really helped him figure things out.

Since we're still technically in Zozo, I did a little wandering around and discovered there were some items I'd forgotten last time I was there. Kind of embarrassing, really. There's an X-Potion, some Running Shoes, and a relic for Locke called the Thief Glove that turns his “Steal” command into “Capture”, which lets him attack whichever enemy he's stealing from as he steals. Could have sworn I got something like that before. There's still one treasure room left to open in Zozo, and I've never been able to get it, that I can recall. I'm pretty sure it's not critical to beating the game, as I've managed without it before, but that won't stop me from trying now that I have resources to help me get it figured out.

From here, I'm not exactly sure where I'll go next. There are options, of course, as I still need to get Strago and Relm back in the party, for sure, and there are quite a few other little things to fill out, as well. Doing Doma Castle, for example. That probably will be the bitch I remember it being. But, that's something I'll decide next time I sit down to play. Until then, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA.

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