Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Coupon Encounters: McDonald's McCafe Coffee Home Brew

At first, I was going to do this as a video, but the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize there was no way I could make it work out and still have something really worth sharing. So, I'll just do this as a written piece, like I always do.

Anyway, one thing I've been meaning to do for awhile now is to get back into writing about things other than whatever old Final Fantasy game I'm playing and the occasional old TV show I used to watch when I was younger. And since I'm the kind of guy who will, from time to time, do something dumb and decide I need to try something new when I happen across a coupon for it someplace, at some point, I decided to maybe make a blog series out of it. The flaw here is that lately, I've been doing the dumb things but forgetting to do the blogging part of that. It's about time I got around to trying to remedy that.

So, let me say a few things about this “make it at home” version of McDonald's McCafe coffee line. I should start by saying that while I am a coffee fan, I'm not much of a gourmet coffee fan, nor am I much of a Mickey Dees fan, and I'm not just saying that just because I work for one of their competitors. It's more because my line of thought is why pay for a specific name brand when the store brand and a clean coffee pot, for example, or a little knowhow and a frying pan, gets the job done just as well, if not better?

With that said, it's time to get down to business. I bought the ground 100% Arabica coffee with my coupon for this. It smelled pretty good when I opened the package the first time. It was a little stronger than when I open a new can of the Hy-Vee store brand I usually buy, but one would hope so, when paying for something premium.

To brew it, I just used three of the scoops that came with my coffee maker and half a pot of water. The finished product wasn't as dark as I thought it would be, but it smelled pretty good, too. As for the taste, well, I suppose it's pretty close to what you'd get at McDonald's if you drank it straight, with no cream or sugar, but it's been awhile since I've had any coffee made at an actual McDonald's, so I can't really make a decent comparison. The cup I had black really tasted like it needed at least some sugar or sweetener of some kind added to it, which is how I normally drink mine anyway.

With the store-brand artificial sweetener I usually use, it was a little better, though I didn't think it was terribly much of an improvement. I also tried it with a little skim milk along with the sweetener, and it was a little bit better than with just the sweetener.

Gotta say, this is the kind of thing where I think it's OK, but I don't think it's really worth it to buy the grounds stuff a pound at a time. I'll just stick with the store brand I'm used to and just buy the McDonald's coffee a cup at a time every now and then when I'm traveling. Kind of a shame I really don't have much cause for that sort of travel right now, but I think I'll live.

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