Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Working On A MiSTing

It's been quite awhile since I've done this “for realzies”.

There was the half-assed one that I did back in October last year, but that was more to see if I even remembered how to write something in the “script style” commonly used for Mystery Science Theater fan fiction. It's been a good ten or twelve years, probably, since I've done one that was meant as anything like serious, if one can call things like this serious.

In this case, it's that “Spams Of Weirdness” thing I teased at the end of the big quasi-fanfic thing I posted to Deviant Art at the first of the year. Right now, the plan is that I'll have three junk emails to “view” in the theater with my “guests”, but that's only tentative right now. That plan's likely to change, with the alteration being a reduction in the amount of material being used. The point, after all, is for this to be funny. That's usually why I went with something of a running gag from the “classic series”, from back in the early 2000s, the “Jesse gets punched” routine. The last couple times, it was a bridge between episodes or an ending, whereas it's an opening this time.

I'm not entirely sure when the finished product will be ready. These things always did take awhile, even when I was working on them relatively steady in spite of the fact that maybe I shouldn't have been. It's been awhile since that's been the case, so it'll very likely take longer, or what seems like it to me, than it should to get done.

At any rate, that's what's in the pipe for me right now. I should probably be putting a little more effort into getting more paying work, but I might do a better job of that if I have something to help keep my mind off the waiting part of the process that isn't a video game or something.

So, stay tuned, folks. There's more of the same stuff to come, even as I'm working on all the other things I really do need to be doing. Here's a song by Tom Petty to play us out:

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