Sunday, June 12, 2016

I Unfollowed Someone On Twitter! You'll Never Guess Why!

Find Out Below The Jump!

Well, to be entirely honest, if you know very much about Internet stuff at all, you probably had it figured out just from reading the title.

You see, there's a technical term for that headline. That term is “click-bait”, and it's becoming way to common a thing on modern social media, I think. It's understandable, of course, because it works on everybody at least occasionally, even me. It just gets annoying sometimes, because it seems I allowed myself to fall for a Twitter handle called “Learn Something”, and it seems to be mostly these click bate-ey marketing posts designed to bring in as much ad revenue as possible for whomever runs the account.

I'm alright with the concept, really, if only because it means there are people like me out there making money from all this cyberspace stuff that I do. What frustrates me about it is that it's all gone to the lowest common denominator here, where it's all low-creativity things that people really shouldn't care as much about as they seem to.

I'm sure there are folks out there who could point right back at me and say that this is coming from the guy who's in the middle of blogging his way through Final Fantasy IV a second time. I suppose that makes sense, all things considered. Nothing much is different this time around from the last, but there is still a bit of thought going into this because I'm at least trying to explain the hows and whys of what I'm doing, giving a little interesting detail that people might be somewhat interested in. Which, to me, at least, is more interesting than having a “hey, look at this” piece about some artsy type who somehow ripped his own nipples off for the purpose of selling them as so-called modern art.

It's kind of like me making a post called “This Middle Aged Man Went Into His Bathroom. What He Did Next Is Amazing” and then having it be all about me taking a shit or having a shower or something, complete with a half-dozen pictures.

But anyway, finally getting to the point here, I've unfollowed Learn Something on Twitter, because I usually don't when I fall for their click-bait I'd recommend the same to my readers and followers because I would think you're all at least a little bit like me and really don't like having walls of essentially worthless tweets showing up in my feed at inopportune times.

I'm sure there'll be more of these to come. I just doubt I'll be bothered to write about it in the future.

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