Thursday, June 9, 2016

The JMShearer Show on uStream: Election Night Silliness

I'll be doing this one a bit differently, but that's OK.

I was going to put this video up on YouTube because I think it's a little easier to work with for sharing around and stuff, and it has the added benefit of my being able to leave it up for as long as I might like without having to pay for it.  Turns out, I can't download from uStream the way I thought I could anymore.  Looks like they want me to link my YouTube channel, which is something I'm not exactly eager to do.  There's something that just kind of bugs me about having so many of my accounts linked like that.

All that said, I kind of want to get my Primary Election Night video shared.  It's for the best that I can't store it long term, I suppose, because a lot of it will be dated before too long anyway.  I'll just have to do the part I want to save as a stand-alone video later.  I think I'll enjoy that.

So without further ado, here's me talking election results and being creepy about a bottle of pop:

Which reminds me, I have at least one other beverage review I kind of need to get on with, really.  Hopefully before this video expires on uStream, when I'll take this post down as well.

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