Saturday, September 17, 2016

Text Play: Final Fantasy IV Second Run: Issue #021: o/~ Just Get On With It And Get It Done With... o/~

So after a couple hours of screwing around with this and not really getting anywhere, I figured it was just time to finish this off and be done with it. The basic plan here is to just make the trip to the moon's core as quickly as I could while still getting everything I need to finish the game properly. I probably won't make too much note of just what's happening this time unless something out of the ordinary happens.

Of course, that's just what did happen on the second part of my weapons and armor gathering stage of this most likely last entry. A Red Giant dropped something called a Rune Axe. It's a two-handed weapon for Cecil and Kain, I'm assuming, that's effective against magic using foes. I was not aware that this particular enemy had a rare drop like this, so it came as a pleasant surprise. I don't think I'll actually be using it, though, since just about everything else I'll be getting is better.

Part of what took getting this last bit up so long is that I kept getting lost and forgetting where I was supposed to go. It's not because I'm bad at this game or anything. Quite the opposite, really. I've been through this often enough to go through it without really thinking about it, and that caused a few problems. Easily solved of course, but still problems.

The last two, maybe three sessions of this were a fairly standard playthrough for the end of this game. The only real difference is that my levels were higher than I usually have them in what is a more typical run for me these days. I suspect this may even have been by a substantial amount, in the mid-60s range. Of course, it's been quite a while since I've put as much time into Final Fantasy 4, as well. I do believe the total time was somewhere in the area of 35 by the end.

As a result, I did wind up getting a few monsters to drop things I didn't know they dropped, in part because I didn't know they dropped anything at all, really. I had another Red Giant drop an Ogre Axe at one point, and I had a Red Dragon drop a Dragoon Gauntlet. I don't recall having either of those monsters drop things before, let alone those items.

The final fight with Zeromus was also much easier, as well. I suspect it was because of that levels thing again. I've gotten used to it being a much harder fight with the lower levels I typically have.

Otherwise, this time was pretty much the same as all the other times I've beaten this game. There's a few other things I want to cover, but I think I'll save those for a wrap-up post like I usually do for these things. I'll try to have that out quicker than I managed with this one. See you then, folks.

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