Sunday, September 18, 2016

Text Play: Final Fantasy IV Second Run: Issue #022: Epilogue: Done For Awhile

I'll be coming back to my all-time favorite video game at some point, I'm sure, but it'll likely be awhile now.

This playthrough was more or less a wash, in terms of what I wanted to get done versus what actually did happen. That's an OK thing, really, because I discovered that there are still some things I've got to learn about this game in spite of how much time I've spent playing it over the years.

I managed to get the Imp spell earlier than I usually do, but that's about the only “extra” thing I was going for that I actually got done and had any real value in terms of the gameplay itself. I didn't get any of the other summons because, well, by the time it got to that point, I was getting a little tired of the game for the time being.

I had also briefly considered trying to find those Pink Puff things that I'm sure we've all at least heard of in passing and trying to steal firebombs from the Red Dragons on the moon so the party could use them like Cecil did at the very beginning of the game. The Pink Puff business is still kind of dubious, in my mind, because it's something I've only heard about on the Internet. Sure, the sources are ones I might call at least somewhat reliable, but it's still the Internet.

As for the Fireball thing, well, I've actually seen it done firsthand, and I've even done it myself. Granted, I'm pretty sure both my brother and I were still in high school at the time, so this is a good twenty years ago, but I still know that it's possible. I just didn't run into enough of them to make it happen, and I didn't really want to go out of my way for it.

But I also got some monsters to drop things I didn't even know were things in the game, or that those particular monsters even dropped stuff. I mentioned the Rune Axe from the Red Giants, but I didn't mention that I guess they also drop Ogre axes.

For the first time in what seems like ages, I also got the Meteo spell for Rydia. That happens somewhere in the low 60s, level-wise, I think. By that point, taking care of the final boss is easy enough without it, but even easier with it. I can't recall if Zeromus was ever as easy to beat as he was this last time, but then again, it's been awhile since I've put more than 30 hours into this game, and even longer since I made it as close to the 40-hour mark as I did this time.

Between having done at least parts of three Final Fantasy games here lately, I'm actually reconsidering doing Final Fantasy 9 next. That and Final Fantasy 7 are still on the list, but not as high as they were even this time last week. I'm giving Breath of Fire III and Saga Frontier a little more consideration now.

And hell, with that in mind, I've got my Steam account back up and kinda running again, and I've signed up for some newsletter sorta thing, if I understand correctly, called Humble Bundle, so I might even consider something from there. I've got Team Fortress 2 on my Steam account, and I'm considering Undertale, too, since people have been going nuts over that for the last year or so, just so I can see if it's really as much the bomb as everyone's saying.

Really, I'm open to suggestions this time around, even if only for a little while. The input will certainly be appreciated and considered.

Thanks for reading, and DFTBA, everybody!

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