Friday, September 2, 2016

Bored of Peter Pan

Youth is good, but like all good things, too much is a bad thing.

Holding onto some of one's youth is a good thing, far as I can tell. Expressing that youth all willy-nilly, however, really isn't so much.

Getting into what I mean by that is going to be tricky at best. This is, after all, one of those things that gets heavily into the sort of divisive social issues I'm always hearing Tumblr is so full of.

See, it's not so much that I'm against being playful and childish sometimes. Those who know me even a little bit well probably know I'm prone to bouts of such myself. We all are, I think.

The thing of it is, though, that a person's gotta be aware of their surroundings and where they are when they indulge such whims. The things I say on this blog, for example, may not always be appropriate in situations where I'm face to face with people. The kind of humor that might be golden on a forum like GlitterRock's Cap-Page Board would probably get me thrown out of a movie theater if I tried it there. Something that would be alright to say to my Skype buddies would be completely wrong at work.

In general, a lot of these things are better off handled on one's own time and/or in private rather than at work, for example. As I was noting above, or at least trying to, a person's just gotta know what's appropriate for the situation they're in.

This is not to say that work can't be fun, or that certain things can't be or aren't assets in certain situations. If you're a security person on a college campus, for example, being able to relate to the 18 to 25 demographic is something that can come in really handy. When working in a restaurant, however, similar behavior might be considered obnoxious or even rude, as I'm sure my preference to not see and/or listen to the staff running around acting like chimps in heat is a common one.

Or, those Skype buddies I mentioned before. I make that reference because we do have a way of telling dirty jokes to one another and discussing topics that are not for more general, public audiences. This is one of those things I see all to often at my day job as well.

In short, this particular entry has been inspired by the fact that of late, I feel as though I'm drowning in Peter Pan bullshit in situations where I really shouldn't be, and it's starting to wear more than a little thin. I've tried to take what I thought were the best actions to resolve things given the situations I'm in at the time. I'm not sure what else I could do to change things beyond this bit of youthful foolhardiness, and I may live to regret it.

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