Friday, January 28, 2011

Surprise Buttsecks: Burbach's Countryside Dairy Grape Juice.

Me love this long time!

When I was a kid, there was a lady named Thelma that lived a couple doors down from my family. Around her garage door, there was this big old grape vine, and every fall for quite a few years, she'd let my dad bring my brother and I over to pick the grapes. They were some damn good grapes, there's no doubt of that, especially for ones that were grown in South Dakota.

Thing of it is, though, by the time I was in eighth or ninth grade, I couldn't stand grapes because we'd have grape jelly and grape juice enough to last for damn near ever, it seemed like, every time we'd pick Thelma's grapes. That's how it goes, I guess, when you've got all you can handle of something.

So, after probably a good 20 year avoidance of anything grape as a result, I finally got up the nerve to buy a local brand of fresh grape juice to give it a shot. The full name of this stuff I'm drinking as I write this is Burbach's Countryside Dairy Grape Juice. I really must say, after all these years, I'd kind of forgotten how much I actually kind of like grape juice. This is really good.

The company claims that it makes its juice, and really, its dairy products, too, for that matter, fresh and preservative free. I have a hard time telling with the milk, but I really can with this grape juice. It tastes just like what my mom used to make from the fresh grapes we would get from Thelma.

Now, I know this particular brand probably isn't available in a lot of places where people will read this, I like their tag line: Buy Local. Buy Fresh. That's a good way of thinking. I'd recommend it for a lot of things.

So anyway, this is some really good grape juice. Really reminds me of my childhood. I'd highly recommend getting your local variety of this stuff!

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