Saturday, September 21, 2013

A New Schedule – Fall, 2013

Since I've kinda gone off the schedule I did a few months ago for various reasons, I may as well do another one.

It kind of helps me when I have one of these things in effect, somehow.

So, here's my weekly free-time schedule for the next few months:

Monday: Radio Dead Air/What The Fuck Is Wrong With You – 9 PM to 1 AM Central – viewer

Tuesday: JMShearer Speaks – 9:30 PM Central – variable length – also blogs and Text Play posts

Wednesday: Blogs and/or Text Play posts

Thursday: Blogs and/or Text Play posts

Friday: The Walrus Show, 9 PM to 1:30 AM Central – viewer and occasional caller.

Weekends: Blogs and/or Text Play post

As always this is subject to change with conditions and needs, because sadly, I don't always have topics to write and/or talk about, and can't always play.

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