Saturday, December 13, 2014

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy VIII (SquareSoft, 1999; Playstation): Issue #022: Without Vase...

So, this proved harder than it needed to be.

It's partly because I've never been particularly great at finding my way around this game's world map. Actually getting to Winhill this time around proved more difficult than the actual quest. Worse yet, I wound up needing to find it twice, because the first time I screwed it up pretty badly and didn't want to save. It works out though, because in the running around I did the first time, I wound up losing my Ifrit card in a card game I didn't need to be in, even though I'm not going to do much with that. Also, the first attempt taught me that I needed to bring the various pieces of the broken vase to the owner one at a time.

The deal with this side quest is that there's this rich guy in Winhill who thinks that there are ghosts about, in part because his favorite heirloom vase is missing. He's upset because it had been handed down through several generations.

Finding the pieces of the vase isn't a hard task, really. There's one in a suit of armor in the foyer of the mansion the rich guy and his wife are in. At first, it moves like it's haunted, but it turns out that there's just a baby chocobo in it, and it drops the first piece as it goes running off. Once that first piece is handed over, it's off to Raine's pub. There's a new lady there now who does art and says the scent of the white flowers in the dining room below the living quarters really inspires her. That's a clue, because once those flowers are examined, a cat shows up and gives up the second piece.

The third piece can be found in an old lady's flower shop down the road from the main square of the village, and the last can be retrieved from another baby chocobo as it crosses the road at a crossing further still away from the center of town. That last one's the tricky one. I guess there's a couple other items to be had, but getting them's a little tricky, because getting them means trying to pick up the baby chocobos as they cross the road, and that can piss off the mama chocobo.

The bad thing about this is that for as easy as it is, it's also kind of tedious, mostly because you've gotta take each piece of the vase back to the rich guy one at a time as you get them so he can superglue them back together.

The reward for bringing him all four pieces is something called a Holy Stone. Not sure what it does, but it seems like a good thing to hold onto for later in the game. Might come in handy if I make it all the way to the end.

I also did a little extra running around and ran into a few monsters I don't think I had before because I usually quit right about this point in the game. There's this half-buried face monster called Vysage, I think, that has an item called Lightweight that I think is something like the Haste spell. There's also a pair of hands called Lefty and Righty that have some cool stuff too. The encounters also allowed me to stock up on spells like Drain, Blind, and Protect.

And with that taken care of, I think I'll wrap this up here and maybe try for another side quest before moving on with the main story. See you soon, I hope.

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