Friday, April 15, 2016

VLOG: Passing Thoughts On: Red Green's I'm Not Old -- I'm Ripe Tour

Be warned, folks, there's a video of me in my Rambling Ninnie Mode below the jump.

Then again, if you've watched or listened to much of my work in non-text-based media, you'll probably be expecting that.  And if you've sat through any of it, I applaud and appreciate you.

So anyway, here's the video:

Some additional notes, programming and otherwise, that didn't make the video or the YouTube description:

The fellow Red Green fan on Facebook who offered me the ticket was Stephanie Steichen Lund.  I do apologize for not remembering your name in the actual video.  Even though I did eventually make it to the show, it's for the best I didn't try to make it to the 7 PM performance, as I wouldn't have been able to make that one.

If I ever have occasion to do something like this again, I'll try to be more on the ball about getting it all taken care of, if only so I can get better seats.  Plus, this would have been nice to have someone to go with.   I lucked out this time, but if there's one thing my twentysome years of being a Red Green fan has taught me, it's that luck takes one only so far, and it's never as far as anyone would like.

For those of you out there who may be interested in catching future dates, there's a select listing on the main Red Green Web page, and further details under the "On Tour!" link at the top of the page.

On a more personal programming note, in the process of making this, I referenced other engagements the next couple days and a current shortage of cash on hand as reasons why I might have to postpone seeing Kung Fu Panda 3.  If the facts of my current situation do wind up mandating that I postpone more spending on this Entertaining Myself And Others thing I do here until I get my next set of paychecks, I may wind up missing KFP3 altogether.  I get the sense that might not be an entirely bad thing, though.  This third entry in the movie franchise seems to be the weakest, from the evidence I've got at hand, and something tells me I'll feel better about having missed the movie than I would have about the tour, but I'd still like to see it.

Anyway, until I get on with other things, keep your stick on the ice, folks!

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