Saturday, July 16, 2016

TEXT PLAY Second Run: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #016: Finishing Up The Underground

This started out with a little running around before finally getting on with the plot again.

I went back and got the last of the stuff in the Village of Monsters and then stopped at the Dwarf Castle to get some stuff from the Big Chocobo. Turns out half the stuff I thought Edge could throw was stuff he actually couldn't. I was kind of glad I had it with me when I went to Tomra, though. I decided I'd get everybody's armor to the best it could be at the point, and having all that old stuff from the beginning of the game really paid off because I managed to get my gold back up to pretty much where I had it when I started buying. Kinda dumb to buy for Kain because he goes traitor again on the way out of the Sealed Cave, but I did it anyway. Might come in handy to have the extra stuff to sell later.

I didn't really do much intentional grinding in the Sealed Cave, but I did go through and open all the Trap Doors for the first time in I can't remember how long. There's that big long row of them on the second or third floor that I usually just leave be so I can get through a little quicker. Turns out, there's a few things I think I may have forgotten the last couple times I've played this game, including the previous Text Play.

There's one of those doors that has the Light Sword for Cecil, which is actually a fairly major weapons upgrade for him. If memory serves, Edge can use it as a throwing weapon as well, so it might come in handy if I grind up a few of those later. There was also another door which had a second Long katana and a Ninja helmet for Edge. I'm not entirely sure if I've got the right term for the sword there, but this translation of FF4 in particular does tend to oversimplify things to something of an extreme, and I'm rather fond of that tradition.

The rest of the trip in and out went pretty much without incident. Because I did have higher than my usual average levels, I managed to kill off most of the Trap Doors before monsters could take their place. The Trap Wall at the end was also easier than I'm used to it being, but then again, I did use the throwing stars I had for Edge, which probably made a big difference as well.

One thing I wasn't sure of at the end is if I could get back into the tower, but I guess now that all the crystals are gathered, I can't get back in. That's fine by me.

Upon telling King Giott about the situation and having Cid attach the drill to the front of the Falcon, it was back to the surface, per usual at this point in the story. For now, I'm giving it a rest at Agart. I think I may go do some grinding for awhile before I head for Mysidia and the Moon, but that's for next time.

Until then, see you around, folks!

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