Saturday, July 30, 2016

TEXT PLAY Second Run: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #017: Chores And Stuff

This is kind of a two-session sort of thing that may get spread out over three or however many it takes me to get tired of just screwing around again.

The first session this time around was pretty much spent wrapping up the few story and sidequest related things, and in the process, traded some stuff around with the Big Chocobo.

The first thing I did was go give the Rat Tail to the guy in the Adamant Grotto so I could get the lump of Adamant to take back to Kokkol and have him upgrade the Legend sword into Excalibur. I didn't actually take it to him at this point because I won't be getting the Excalibur until I come back from the moon anyway. I may before heading to the moon, but as I wrote this part of the entry, I hadn't yet.

After that, I went to talk to Yang's wife, who gave the party the frying pan to hit him with next time we're in the Sylph Cave. I learned something interesting regarding this particular sidequest this time around. Just for the hell of it, I went back to Toroia, in part because I'd left a black chocobo on the map for some reason. On the way back to the airship, I went into the castle to see what was going on there. Turns out, if we go see Edward first, he'll tell us he's happy Yang's OK and that maybe we should go tell his wife. It's kind of like that bit with Rosa's mom telling us about her father in that I can't recall ever having gotten that particular bit of dialog before.

The last thing I did the first session was to get the Odin summon from Baron Castle. I did this the way I usually do, though it seems like Edge did most of the damage with his Blitz spell this time. I suppose that's how it normally is, but I just can't remember.

After a bit of running around, I figured I'd go deal with some of the Underground stuff before I went to the moon. I don't usually get the Excalibur back until after the business on the Moon and dealing with the Giant of Bab-Il. This time, I'm trying something a bit different and seeing if I can get it back after doing the second part of the Sylph Cave.

There are a few interesting items in treasure chests guarded by monsters along the way. The ones most notable for me are the Full Moon, which I'm assuming is a boomerang weapon for Edge, and the Avenger sword, which is a two-handed piece I usually give to Cecil when I bother equipping it on anyone. I'm not entirely sure if these are really all that great of weapons, since I hardly use them in place of other things.

Along a slightly different path is something called the Charm Rod, which I sometimes give to Rydia when I'm just messing around, like what I'm trying to do this time around. It randomly causes the confusion status on enemies when used as a weapon, or casts the Charm Spell when used as an item.

After finally getting back to the house where the Sylphs have Yang laid up, the party whacks him in the head with the pan his wife gave them. He says he really wants to rejoin the party, but the Sylphs won't have it and say that Rydia can summon them instead. When we go back to Yang's wife in Fabul, she takes her pan back, gives the party a knife called the Spoon, for some reason, and tells us to let Yang fight with us again. I had intended to just pick up at Mysidia next time, but as I write this, I figure I may as well see what actually happens if I go back to see Yang one more time, especially since I do have an open spot in the party right now. It should be interesting to see what happens, so I think that's what I'll do, just go back to the Sylph Cave one more time with the Spoon and see what happens.

But since that's a matter for next time, I'll see you then. Until next time, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!  

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