Friday, August 5, 2016

TEXT PLAY Second Run: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #018: Down Then Up

This at least starts with a nice idea.

Turns out we can't get Yang back in the party once we find him in the Sylph Cave. It fits the story better that way anyhow, but worth a shot, I guess. He's gotta be where he is so he can be in command of one of the tanks that goes after the Giant of Bab-Il when the party gets back from the moon.

So, it's off to Mysidia and the moon from there. The plot points of getting the Blue Whale and FoSoYa in the party went down the same as they always do. And I'm going for the Bahamut summon while I've got the game's moon man in the party, like I always do. Makes it a little easier to have two party members who can cast the Wall spell, and this is supposedly the “easy” version of the game. Well, not really supposedly. I know from experience now, because I've played the Anthology version, or whichever version of the game it is that was released for the Playstation with Chrono Trigger, and that version's way harder. It's to the point that I wound up getting stuck at the point where I am now. I think it's partly because I made the foolish mistake of trying to rush through the way I normally do instead of playing it the “correct way”, like I'm doing this go. If I'd put more time into it, I might have better luck, but I'll try that later.

Anyway, there are a few fixed encounters with Behemoths in Bahamut's Cave. I got a Headband from the first one. Can't recall if that's a common thing or not.

I took a break after the first one and then just pushed through the second and third ones and took on Bahamut in one sitting. I guess it's a good thing I went to the trouble of farming up as many Light Swords and other such things for Edge to throw, because they really came in handy against the Behemoths and Bahamut himself. They all went down considerably easier than I remember. It isn't often, as I recall, that I can take down Bahamut after only one round of his Megaflare attack. Even if it is way slower in the US version that I'm playing now, it still takes me at least two rounds. That's still better than I did with the Anthology version, where Bahamut killed my party before I could even get wall on anybody. But I think that's partly because my levels were typically low.

But with Bahamut taken care of, it's back to Mother Earth to take care of the giant alien robot. That's for a later time, though.

Until next time, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!  

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