Thursday, August 25, 2016

Text Play: Final Fantasy IV Second Run: Issue #020: Growing Boredom

That's the problem with having played this game as many times as I have.

Since I have my doubts about being able to make this enjoyable to read if I'm not enjoying the game, I figure I may as well just make the next issue all about finishing this. I'm getting a little bored with the game again, and I'd rather not leave this unfinished if I don't have to.

When I went to get the Excalibur from Kokkol, I checked the prices on the throwing stars his assistant sells. It's 20000 for a Shuriken and 50000 for a Ninja star. At those prices, I think I'm better off just grinding up some other weapons to chuck at the final boss.

The other stuff in the Underground is pretty pointless. Just like almost everyplace else in the game at this point, everybody just says the same stuff they did the last time those locations had any relevance.

I also got the stuff from Eblan Castle. I will almost certainly not use any of it this time around, just because I don't usually use them for much, if anything.

About the only somewhat interesting thing I've got left here is that I did something more akin to my traditional playthroughs instead of how I did it last time. When my brother and I were young and playing this, we, or at least I, would gather all the flying vehicles at Baron. I honestly don't think there was any reason for doing it other than just to do it. It's one of those little habits I've got, kind of like getting the Imp summon in that it's mostly for the hell of it and I don't think it affects the end of the game any.

From here, well, I think I'll just see what I've already got for Edge to throw, and if I need to get more, I will. Otherwise, I think the next issue or two will pretty much be the end of this. I really need to move on, and for reasons I really can't explain, I need to finish this first.

So, until next time, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA!

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