Friday, March 10, 2017

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation, 2000, Square-Enix): Issue #022: Oh, Fork Me!

I'd forgotten how long this dungeon is.

Or, at least how long it is if I'm going to try clearing it out, anyway. Usually when I've done this part of the game, I've set aside enough time to get most of the stuff and get out in one shot. Not this time, though, which is kind of a good thing, I suppose. I guess I always knew there was a second save point in here, but I never really never knew exactly where it was until now.

See, there's this moogle near the start of the dungeon that says you can find him somewhere else in the dungeon and you get to find him. About two thirds or three quarters of the way through, there's a minigame that involves mining or some such thing that allows Zidane to dig up stuff. Most of what I got this time was Ore. At least, that's what I got out of the central column, anyway. This was the first time I can remember banging away on the rock wall on the far side of the room. The moogle's behind that and pops out after you pound the wall with your pickaxe a half dozen or so times.

Thing is, it took me a half hour or 45 minutes to find that part, for all the running around and hitting switches a guy's gotta do to get through this thing. The good news is that just before I went back and found that second save point, I'd found the way to the exit but decided I'd go back in and explore some of what I missed, just in case there's some stuff I missed along the way.

And now that I think about it, one other thing I really should explain here is what the switches and forks are all about. The wild Gargants we're using as transport in here are scared of water, which I think may have been made mention of when we dealt with them in Treno, too. The switches redirect the flow of water onto various parts of the roots the Gargants crawl along, thereby altering the routes they go.

I'm probably going to regret my decision to go back in and explore some more after I've already found the exit, but that's going to be a thing I'll get into next time. Hopefully it won't be another week or eight days until then, but either way, have fun, keep gaming, stay safe, and DFTBA!

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