Friday, June 23, 2017

Maybe More Second-Hand Shopping

I'm slowly getting a few things figured out here.

I did a little test run with the SNES and the old CRT set I remembered I have, just to be sure things work the way I'm hoping. Turns out they do, but there's a bit of a hitch.

I went for a little Mystic Quest because it's a simple game that I know well and doesn't do anything too complex. That was a good choice because it turns out that while the signal was going through, it was in black and white. I've played through MQ enough to know that the puzzles really don't require much in the way of color to solve, especially early on in the game.

However, the other games I actually want to do Text Plays of kind of do need good color video in order to get through properly. They are maybe not impossible in black and white, but they sure will be a lot harder than they need to be. That's something I'm known to say all too often about these things even when they're displayed in color.

Getting this figured out is something that will finally compel me to get around to doing the thing that brought me into possession of this set in the first place. See, a year or year and a half ago, at least, I had intended to do written reviews of at least some of the movies I've got in my rather substantial VHS collection, but that didn't work out for me either, as the VCR I'm running my PS2 through on the big screen doesn't seem to actually play tapes any more, so I acquired this little CRT set with a built-in VCR in it so I could do exactly that. I'm sure it's an obvious thing here, but those “Movie Shelf” reviews I'd intended to do haven't exactly materialized, and I should probably get on with that, if only to see if it's the connection or the set itself.

As I sit here, considering all of this as I write, I realize that if it's the connection, I may have to try my luck with putting the SNES back on the flat screen just to see what happens. Knowing the luck I've been having lately, it'll probably decide to work now. It's just a matter of finding out, though.

All this said, of course, these things will have to wait until I'm not working on them at an insanely late hour, as I tend to do when I do my writing. With any luck, I won't have to spend any more money on these things than I already have. We'll see, though. Just at another time.

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