Thursday, December 5, 2019

Coffee Time Stuff

I’m making some changes to the YouTube series I sometimes update again.

They’ll only be temporary, of course, and then I’ll go back to doing what I was doing with those videos before I went on vacation.

I can’t remember if I said this in any of the Coffee Time videos I’ve done, but I’m kind of into collecting coffee mugs and the sort of hot beverages that tend to go in them. Since I was away for a week before posting this, I decided I’d take the chance to add to both those collections. When I sat down to start this, I’d just picked up one new mug and two new beverages. That number at least had a chance to increase over the course of the few more days I was there.

To begin with, the mug was from the Crazy Horse Monument, and had quotes from the original designer’s wife on it about holding onto your dreams. While I was there, I also picked up a box of tea that tends to show up at places like this. It says it’s a traditional Native blend that’s supposed to help a person sleep.

The actual coffee I bought was a house blend for the local grocery store. The full name on the bag is Dry Creek Coffee Krull’s Blend, named after the previously mentioned grocery store, Krull’s Market. I had some stories to tell about the place when I finally made that video, which might not be up for very much longer, considering what's going on with YouTube right now.

I had hoped to get to some other places that sold some unique beverages while I was there, but that didn't quite happen. That's OK, though. The main objective of the trip was to spend some time with my family, and that's what happened.

The Crazy Horse mug, at least, will most likely be showing up in my “farewell to Youtube” video, which I'm hoping to have up and ready to go not long after this post goes live. It seems fitting, because of the quotes about holding on to one's dreams, after all.

This has taken longer to get up than I had hoped. Thank you all for your patience in this.

See you soon, everybody.

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  1. I never liked coffee, but if you do, no problem.

    Now give me a mug of eggnog or hot chocolate! :-)