Thursday, December 19, 2019

Something To Do That's Not Drawing

Because I've already posted plenty to my DA page lately and I've still got too much else to finish.

I think I'd better hold off on the so-called art for awhile. That means I'll need to find a few other things to do while I work on laundry and other stuff.

One thing I've found that I kind of like is the live cams on a local news site. They have quite a few views from around the area, but for some reason, I like the Sioux Falls – 41st Street one. Might be worth a look.

I'd recommend cheking it out on a PC or a laptop plugged into a wall outlet, just to not drain the battery on your device of choice. That's because I'm maybe a little too careful with my own phone like that.

Otherwise, I'm still looking for other ways to fill what would otherwise be empty time. I'm sure some of the results will show up here as well. See you then, folks.

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