Tuesday, January 15, 2013

TEXT PLAY: Legend of Mana (PlayStation; 2000): Issue #49: Epilog: It's Been A Long Road...

o/~ It's been a long time/But this game is finally done... o/~

I knew this would be a long game when I started it back in March, but I wasn't entirely sure how long it would be. And I only did about two-thirds or so of what's actually in this game. There's a whole other story arc that I didn't even really touch because, quite frankly, I was just getting tired of the game. And that says nothing of all the side quests and optional material in the game as well.

Don't get me wrong, it was fun and everything. It's just that there's a bit too much game in this game for me. I'm sure I'll be coming back to it some day. Just not for a good while now.

There's the new game plus option, after all. Not the first game in my collection that has that option, just the first game that I've actually finished on my own with it. Since I seem to still have all my stuff from this run, if and when I do another one here, I'll just start with that. But that will have to be for another time. One thing that's really influencing that is that while I do have all the experience, equipment, gold and the like that I'd built up over the course of this run, all the Artifacts I'd held onto are gone, so it's going to be a little difficult to go back and try the areas, quests, and story arcs I missed.

There's so much I didn't get to in this game, but like I mentioned at least once in the course of it, it was a blind run from about halfway through what I did manage. Still, I do know a few more things about the game now that I didn't before. And yeah, I think I'm an official fan now.

I think one thing that might help would be seeing an LP of the game by somebody who knows what the hell they're doing better than I did. I know there's at least one out there, by a guy on YouTube called The Tigers Are Here, I think it was. He seemed to have an idea as to what he was doing, but I just couldn't manage to sit through the whole thing while I was playing myself. Maybe another time.

That's one cool thing about this game, though. I think it was really meant for being replayed with the “New Game Plus” option. Since I've got a few games that seem meant for such things in my collection now, that may be a theme for future Text Plays. It's probably going to be awhile before I get to any of that, though. There are other games I'd like to get through once before going forward with games I've already done here once.

I'll certainly be taking a break from Final Fantasy and Mana games for a while once I wrap up the all-monk run of Final Fantasy. I'm hoping to get that knocked out here soon, too. I'll be taking a break from Text Plays in general for awhile after that, as well, because, well, I kind of need it. I've been putting too much time into gaming lately, and I'm sure it's not been good for me.

While I'm taking a break from all of this, I'll be deciding which game I want to do next. I've got three for sure I could choose from, all of which are very much like this one in that I never did quite finish any of them: Chrono Trigger, which I've made several attempts at; Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, which I almost managed to finish when I was in college but had to stop just short on for obvious reasons; and Breath of Fire, which I could swear I made it farther than I did at one point, but over the years, that save file got lost or deleted or something.

And those are just the ones I'm considering right now. I know I have others here, but I need to find them. I'll let you know what I decide when I get to that point.

The official play time for this run was 31 hours and 32 minutes, but I know it was longer than that for all the times I adjusted course and restarted things. That's part of the reason why I'll be taking a break from this stuff once Final Fantasy is done.

As for the contrast between the joking around I did in the first half and the more serious tone of the second, more or less, the first part was just me goofing around, because I'd done that part of the game quite a few times and never got through, so I needed something to keep me going until I got to the last half, which I hadn't done much or at all before.

If I missed any jokes, I don't remember, but then, I've been at this for a long time now, and this is 49 issues, after all. Gotta keep in mind, of course, that if it hadn't been fun, I'd have quit well before this point.

But I think I'd better wrap this up now. I've gone on long enough. Even though I might post in the morning sometimes, I'm usually up writing relatively late at night and need to get some sleep before my day job. So, after I get some rest, I will see you with the conclusion of Final Fantasy, and after that, some general stuff that I've been putting off for far too long.

Until then, everybody, stay safe, keep gaming, have fun, and of course, DFTBA!

Oh, and feel free to ask questions, if you'd like, too!

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