Friday, June 7, 2013

Maybe Not As Good As I Had Thought

A while back, towards the end of May, I had planned on doing a post about how well I thought things were going. Things have changed, and now it seems things are not going so well after all.

It's not that things are going as badly as I might make it seem, mind you. It's just that they're not going as well as I'd like, either.

The main downer right now is that my weight has gone up instead of down. I can understand, of course. I've not been as careful about what I've eaten lately as I should have been. That's more to do with me, though. Probably the biggest thing I can do to get myself back on track is to find ways to make this weight loss business interesting again, and keep it that way.

Part of that will involve making a new schedule for my free time again. That's going to take a couple weeks still, since I need to see just how my work schedule at my day job is going to look for the summer. For now, the only thing I'm willing to say will happen with much regularity is my uStream show, which I'm hoping to keep at 9:30 PM US Central time on Tuesday nights, like it has been for awhile now.

I'm also planning on keeping the Text Plays going, and getting more into video work as well. These are things I don't specifically need a set schedule to do or learn, but having one will almost certainly help.

So, what this boils down to is that I need a better plan than what I've got at present if I want to make things better for myself. The sooner I actually manage to make it, the better, so I'll be trying to get on that as soon as I can.

Updates on this will follow as I can make them. See you then, folks.

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