Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TEXT PLAY: Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Taito, SNES 1993): Issue #11: A Tale Of Three Cities, Part Four: Dais Of Our Lives

We all know how things like this tend to work out, right?

As I said last time, we're in search of Jerin, who's being sacrificed to monsters on a dais west of the town of Belgen. It's just like me to wind up trying to go west of town only to find my way back to the last town instead of where I need to go. Fortunately, though, this is an easy fix. The island we're looking for is south and west of town instead of the just west and slightly north I went initially.

It's not a hard trip, really. Just tedious, with all the random battles along the way. The tunnel between the mainland where Belgen is and the island that leads to where Jerin is being held is longer than the on-screen map would have us believe, and with a few more twists and turns as well. At least there's treasure to be had. There's even some that might be worth going back to get here, but I'll do that later.

The monsters along the way start off as the haunted weapons and armor from the Phantom Cave, but shift to Poison Rats, which can poison party members, Beetles, which have a dash attack, and Mummies, which can put party members to sleep. The good news about the status attacks is that while they do exist, thus far in the game such attacks have proven to miss more often than not, so for the time being, I'm overstocked on antidotes, at least.

The dais that Jerin is on is being guarded by soldiers who won't let us in to even talk to her. There's a plot point that's going to happen here all the same, because there's a save point and healing pots akin to those in Final Fantasy 4 here. Wish I'd remembered those before I'd gone and used a bunch of healing items on my party.

Since the guards won't let us in to talk to Jerin, our only choice, it seems, is to heal up, save the game and leave. Of course, as we head out, a flying monster swoops in and carries Jerin off to its nest. The guards tell us that the monster went someplace called the North Tower and that Jerin might be on the top floor. But since there's a poison swamp, at the very least, in the way and it's getting way too late as I write this, I'll save that for next time folks.

Next time, we'll be going North to the Tower. See you then, folks.

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