Friday, October 4, 2013

TEXT PLAY: Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Taito, SNES 1993): Issue #25: Cloud Strife And The Search For Brandt

So, I finally got back to this, and the issue title is another Indiana Jones reference.

It took me awhile to get to this for a couple reasons. One was what I've been saying for awhile now, and I suspect that my levels are a tad low for where I am. Even with a little grinding along the way, my Hero is only at Level 34, and that only happened after quite a lot of level building before I actually got through.

The other is that I've got some fall allergies that have been really bad this year, making it miserable to do just about anything, especially if I actually need to keep my eyes open to do them. Good news is I think I'm better now.

As for what I actually got accomplished this time around, I finally got to the bottom of the Gayas Island Cave. Turns out, Brandt's not actually there, which kind of sucks, considering all the trouble I had getting down there. The good news, though, is that his buddy Clank is down there instead. Even better is that Clank makes it worth our while. He reminds us of where the Dual Blade is and how to get there. To do it, of course, we still need to get some Alumina and fix that fancy ship that Professor Shaia gave us.

Clank continues explaining by telling us that Brandt has actually gone to visit his girlfriend in a place called Marse, which, if I understand, is close to the Fargo Islands, where there's still a decent amount of Alumina to be found. He adds that there may be some Alumina in Gayas Cave, too. I'm hoping there's just the one piece they made obvious is the only one in there. Now that my levels are decent for a change, the monsters shouldn't be all that hard. I'm just hoping that this one piece is the one we need to flash at Brandt to make him help us find the rest we need to take to Shaia so he'll help us fix the ship.

There's one more thing that Clank gives us before we go. He takes us back to a room he's got set up to live in while he works in the cave, where he's got an artifact from Maxim. It's an accessory called the Wave Ring. It looks like everybody can equip it, but from the dialog, I think it's intended for the Hero to have it for the final battle, along with the Dual Blade.

Funny thing about this game. I'm finding that it's starting to be a lot like the original Final Fantasy, in that we're hitting a point now where a lot of the best equipment is found in chests or dropped by monsters. In this case, I found a Silver Sword in a chest partway through the cave, and then won a Buster Sword from a sword-themed monster in the dungeon. In both cases, I gave the new thing to the Hero and transferred his old one to Aguro, so now both have about the same attack power. And this is a trend that's likely going to continue for the rest of the game, if memory serves. For now, though, our hero reminds me of another, similar hero with a military background we'd meet on the PlayStation roughly four years later.

But anyway, with all that set up, it's time to head back to Linze, stock up on a few things and save before heading on to MARRS... er, Marse to see if we can catch up with Brandt and get the rest of the Alumina we need to get on with our mission.

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