Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TEXT PLAY: Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Taito, SNES 1993): Issue #27: Laguna's Island

Not so much Gilligan as a labyrinth.

About the only thing missing here was a Minotaur, and that's coming up, I'm sure. They always seem to be.

The biggest problem was finding my way to the bottom of Loire Cave, and once I put a little thought into it, it was fairly obvious. There was even a trap I had to fall into to find Brandt. And that was easy enough to find, because it's right by a chest with some minor treasure in it that I was going to get anyway.

When we finally do find Brandt, he tells us that he got stuck looking for the same Alumina we're after and tells us that since we're getting him out, he'll help us find it. He says there's one piece in the cave we're in, two in Ulupp, and one in Elba. Then Jerin uses her Escape spell to get everybody out of the cave, and Brandt says he's going to meet up with his girlfriend in Marse.

Since finding Brandt didn't take as long as I'd feared it might, I also went after the rest of the Alumina. The monsters in these caves aren't so bad, really. The worst one is something called a Red Core, which looks like an ice cube with like a cherry or a raspberry in it. It can't attack for shit, but it's got really high defense and tends to run away more than attack. I did manage to kill one, though, and got a ton of XP for it.

The worst part of those caves is navigating around to where you need to be. I think I got everything I need, though, so I decided I'd just go back to Marse and see where I need to go next.

That means finding Brandt at the shrine with his girlfriend. She's happy we saved him, he says the king of Herat has been hoarding Alumina, so that's where we need to go to find the rest of what we need. Since that's going to be a journey in and of itself, up a river west of town, I'll just stop here for now and pick this up next time, in Kingdom Herats.

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