Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Job Jitters

This is kind of my firs day on a new job, so to speak.

Nothing much has really changed, of course. I still have my day job. I still write this silly little blog of mine when I've got an idea or two to work with.

The only thing that's really changing is that I might be getting 'tips' for these posts now that I've got a Patreon account attached to this blog, but I'm not going to actually find out if I actually am getting anything for it until I've made a few new posts.

It's a nice thought that I might be getting money for this, but also kind of scary, too, because it changes things. There's a possibility that now people will have reason to expect me to do this when they didn't before.

If I didn't think I could meet these potential expectations, I wouldn't have signed myself up for this job. The question now is if others agree with me. I'm really hoping I can prove them, and myself, right in this.

Here's to doing exactly that.

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