Thursday, April 10, 2014

We Are Go For Patreon

I do feel a bit awkward about this, but here goes anyway.

As at least a few of my readers may know, my income isn't covering my expenses at present.  This means that it's time for me to explore other means of bringing in some extra money to cover the balance.

The traditional route of doing that means finding another regular job, which is something I really need to get to work on.  Time's a-wasting, after all, since my situation isn't getting any better for my putting it off.

In the meantime, while I'm actually putting in for other jobs, I figure why not test the waters here on the Interwebs and see if I can maybe pick up a little extra cash doing things I'm already doing and at least hope to continue doing in the future anyway?

With that in mind, I've set up an account with the pledge service Patreon.  While reading all of this will still be free going forward, pledges would be much appreciated.  I hardly expect this to cover the whole deficit I'm running, but hopefully, it will narrow the gap a little bit all the same.  It at least seems worth a shot, right?

The link to my account on Patreon is  I'd like to thank any potential supporters in advance for their support.  It will be much appreciated.

In the near future, I'll be looking for a way to put that link in the sidebar for this blog.  I'm sure it'll be handier for us all that way.

Once again, that link is  Thank you again for your support.

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