Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Projects In The Works

Chances are, this is as much for my own benefit as anyone's.

But yeah, I do have a couple projects in the works right now. Might as well get them written down someplace.

One's a video project, possibly a series, I've given the working title of Objective Mode. The basic premise is that I'll try to talk about my understanding of select current events, be they of broad national or global interest or of more narrow focus, while trying to keep my own opinions on the matters discussed to as minimal a level as possible. At this point, I've only got two videos planned: an introduction and one topic that I'll get into when I make the actual video. After that, I'm not at all certain if the series will continue or how often.

I'm also working on a written piece about my ongoing struggle with weight loss and one potential reason as to why it's been anything but successful of late. There's not much to say about this one because it'll speak for itself when it's done.

The last thing that comes readily to mind is a piece of fiction I've been trying to finish for the better part of two years now. One of the things that makes things like this take so long is that there are certain consistencies that have to be kept up throughout if it's to be any good in even the slightest sense. An example would be making sure the tense of the story is kept correct. Not an easy thing to do. Another thing is knowing where the story is going and how it's going to get there.

That's an idea I've held onto, at least in it's basic form, the entire time. Basically, it's intended as a reboot of sorts for a MiSTing series that I'd had going but wound up abandoning the better part of ten years ago now. The Urban Dictionary definition I've linked to explains part of the reason why that happened. I've shown off some of that old material here on this blog already, and also tried to explain a little bit with this picture on DeviantART that links to what may be the most widely known part of the series as well.

And that's another thing that makes finishing it off difficult. Saying that what I'm doing is original work is clearly untrue, since the concept has not only been done to death, but also largely forgotten, far as I can tell, since I put the project aside and never really went back to it due to circumstances that have prevented doing so. And the only really original character that's likely to ever show up is the one I've based pretty much entirely on myself.

At the same time, though, it's not exactly fan fiction (first definition as of 4/21/14) either, because it takes the concepts and characters that others have created and perfected and puts them into a setting that's largely my own. So even thought I do have an idea for where I want what I've got to end and where the next part or parts will go, I'm hesitant to finish because I don't really know what I'd call what I've got or where I'd post it when I'm done with it.

On top of that, there's the usual idiocy and bullshit I post here and do on my uStream, that comes at the uneven intervals that it always has. So, I'm working on things, and in a lot of cases, am almost done. I'm hoping I can get some of them done before too much longer, simply because it's already been too damned long in some cases.

Until then, I'll see you when I see you, everybody.

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