Saturday, July 5, 2014

Another Independence Day Come And Gone

It's about the usual for me.

Had to work late, but that's OK, because I need the money.  The only really bothersome thing about it for me is that I'd told my folks I'd be over at their place in time for dinner, because they were having other guests, too, and I was late for that.

We also did some sparklers and the like.  That's always fun.  Wound up burning my thumb on the first sparkler I lit, so now I've got a nice big blister at the base of the nail, which is going to be unpleasant, since I wind up washing my hands a lot at work.

Guess that's not as bad as my uStream buddy the Walrus has it.  The guy got into a car wreck and will be on the mend for awhile.  I just hope it's nothing too serious and he's back up to snuff soon.

But that's my Fourth of July this year.  I hope most folks had a better day than I did.

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