Thursday, July 3, 2014

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy 6 (SNES; Square 1994): Issue #030: All The Rage

So, we've got Gau back, anyway.

Since the game tends to cycle through the monsters available on the Veld, meaning that not all the ones we've encountered thus far are available at any one time, and there are no recent ones available, I figured that once I had Gau back in the party, I figured I'd look around the Cave on the Veld, which is where we went through the Serpent Trench when it was under water.

This time, though, there's guys there who tell us how to find Gau, in case we either didn't know or had forgotten. One also mentions a dragon that lives in a forest north of the Veld. It's one of the eight that was released at the end of the world. We'll get to those eventually, because I do believe there's some sort of reward for taking out all eight dragons.

We also find something called the Rage Ring, which I do believe is a special Relic for Umaro the Yetti, who will join the party in Narshe, once we get Mog back in the party as well. Umaro's the other unlockable character in this game, and he'll only join if Mog tells him to. The Rage Ring is in a trap box guarded by a monster called Allo Ver, which is an undead monster that can use doom attacks on the party. Fortunately, the trope about fire and healing magic works on him, so it's not a bad fight. We'll go for Mog and Umaro eventually, too. But first, we've got somebody else to deal with, and there's some debate as to just who it's supposed to be.

The party member we actually find here could either be Shadow or Realm, depending on if we waited for Shadow when the Floating Island was going to blow up. Since I did, it's Shadow we find all busted up in the cave. We'll have to fight two very strong SrBehemoths as boss monsters to rescue him. One comes from the front, the other from behind, once the first is beaten. The item drop, which includes a Behemoth Suit, and the dialog seems more geared for finding Realm, because the party says “Let's get her back to Thamasa.” after the fight, when Shadow is established as male and can't equip the armor we got from the fight.

Back in Thamasa, we get to see the real end of Shadow's dream, where he tells a dog, presumably his own dog Interceptor, that he's leaving because he wants to make a peaceful world “for the girl,” presumably Realm, who is his daughter, by implication. Shadow tells us to relax and leave him to sleep off his wounds, because Interceptor will stand guard. We'll somehow have a chance to get him back by betting the Striker, which we found in the cave, at the Colosseum, and fighting him one-on-one.

There are a few ways we could go here, but I'll decide that later. Since I'm in Thamasa, and the Ebbot's Rock thing is convenient, I might go for that. But as I said, that's for later, as it's late and I should get some sleep. So, see you next time, friends and neighbors, and DFTBA!

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