Thursday, September 4, 2014

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy VI (Super Nintendo, Square, 1994): Issue #037: Magic Tower, Done Right

Once I got the Phoenix Magicite, this wasn't so bad.

Better yet, once I'd managed to do enough grinding to get Locke most of the way to the Life 3 spell, I had enough gold to pay the dude who wanted the 100,000 to give us some clues to cool stuff. He says there's a dude who lives in the weapons shop in Narshe who has something he wants to give us, and then goes on to say that there's the remains of an ancient castle under the sands of Figaro, too, that we'll want to check out.

Before I went into the tower, I went to see the guy in Narshe. He's got a piece of Magicite for us called Ragnarok. It's got the Ultima spell, which is usually a pretty damned good one to have. It's got a slow learn rate, but it's a big help against the MagiMaster at the top of the tower. It's just as important to have as the Life 3 spell, because it really speeds the battle along.

Since the ruins under Figaro are a big thing in and of themselves, I just went back and did the Magic Tower. The Wall Ring relics really do come in handy, because they'll keep the party alive on the trip both up and down. It's a rather tedious climb, especially since all the battles are magic only, and all the monsters are pallet-swaps of monsters we've at least potentially already seen thus far in the game. What's worse is that they've all got very similar names: Magic Lv., with a number divisible by ten between ten and 90. On top of that, about half of them are undead. That's an important thing, because using the Osmose spell to keep your MP up is a good idea, but works against the party if it's one of the undead versions.

Along the way, there are some good items to be collected: a Relic called the Safety Bit that protects against mortal magic attacks, a Genji shield, some Force Armor, and at the top, another relic called the Gem Box. The Gem Box changes the Magic command to X-Magic. This lets whoever uses it to cast two spells per turn. There's another relic to be found that makes all spells cost one MP to cast. Putting the two together makes a really good magic-using character. But all the followers, minus Strago, come up and trap the party, saying that it's Kefka's treasure and should be returned. And that's when the MagiMaster comes in to kill us all unless we've got Life 3 on. When it dies, it gives the party ten Magic Points and a Megalixer. I can't recall what exactly it does, but it's worth saving for the final battle.

The trip back down is more tedious than the trip up. I suppose I could have tried using the Warp spell, but I thought I needed to climb back down to get Strago, but he's still under whatever spell brought him there in the first place. Since that's the case, I just went back to Figaro to go after the ruins. That's where I'll pick up next time. It seems like I'm forgetting something, but I'm not sure what. I'll figure it out eventually. Until next time, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA.

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