Thursday, December 13, 2012

TEXT PLAY: Legend of Mana (PlayStation; 2000): Issue #44: Continuing On.

Well, back at this, I suppose.

So, this Jumi Arc thing. I'm just about done with it, I think, and now that I've got my head out of my ass again, at least for the time being, I may as well take another step closer to the end of this thing.

The good news is that this is a relatively easy quest. The bad news is that it may very well be the last easy quest of the game. And worse still, there's still two more Jumi quests to go before this arc is over.

But anyway, the quest at hand. In this case, Diana the Diamond Jumi had turned herself to stone to save herself from Sandra the Jewel Hunter, and it's up to Elazul, Pearl and me to change her back and find out what the deal here is.

Diana's statue is in the Palace of the Arts with Kristie and Southerbee, just where we left it last time. Just because this is an adventure RPG, we've gotta go talk to them about it before we can move on. Always fifty-three steps to success, right?

In order to get Diana back, we have to find three keys to her heart or some such thing. One's in Mephinase's office at the Academy of Magic, one's in the music shop run by the Teapot person, and the last is just sitting out by the city gates, unguarded by anybody.

Once we have all three keys, it's time to go back to the Palace and get this thing knocked out. Kristie and Southerbee had the statue moved to the very lowest level of the palace because... they were helping, I guess. Mostly because the basement of this Alamo is a good place to have the cutscene that explains more about the history of the Jumi race.

After telling us about how Jumi tears can restore life for like the fifth time, Diana finally gives us a little more backstory and explains that all Jumi once could cry, and in doing so, could heal people with their tears. But then the rest of the world went nuts, so the Jumi stopped doing that, save for one named Flourina, who's still... out there, someplace, I guess, and we've gotta find her before Sandra does so that the Jumi can be saved. Over the remaining two quests of this arc, at least some of that's going to happen. And once it does, I think I'm just going to go finish the game.

If it seems like I'm getting bored of this, well, it's because I kind of am, really. It's not the blogging about the playthroughs that's doing it. It's this game specifically. It's getting to be a little too plot heavy in places for my tastes. The good news, though, is that I think I'll be able to finish this one. That much should be cool, worth it.

So, anyway, two quests left and then the very final dungeon. The end is in sight after all. See you next time, folks. Until then, keep gaming, stay safe, have fun, and DFTBA, folks!

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