Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another New Schedule In The Works

It usually takes a few weeks to get this all worked out.

The biggest factor in that is that having consistent days off from work and knowing when they are is an important part of that. It's not like I haven't had the time for these things after work anyway, especially with the way things have been lately. I've just been being lazy about things lately, and it's been catching up with me, especially since I've been known to do all this stuff in the past with little trouble.

The nuts and bolts of this right now make things look like they were last time I tried to make one of these things, so I suspect I'll just be trying to find the last one and re-posting it. But I'll still have to wait and see what happens as things develop.

As far as the actual content and timing of all this, it will pretty much be the same as before. I'll just need some time to look it up and refresh my memory. I'll still be doing the same old Text Plays a few days a week, the webcast on Tuesday nights, and the Passing Thoughts and YouTube videos as they come.

I just need to work out the specifics of all that. When I manage to do it, I'll be sure to get it up here.

See you with that soon, I hope.

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