Thursday, May 30, 2013

TEXT PLAY: Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Taito, SNES 1993): Issue #09: A Tale Of Three Cities, Part Two: Junior Ghostbusters

Yeah, that was an actual thing on Real Ghostbusters the last few seasons, but fortunately, I can't remember how many episodes or which ones.

It's just too bad that Mark isn't a character who's in the battle party for this dungeon, because having a fourth player character would have come in handy when we finally got to the boss at the end. And now that I'm trying to think about it, this might have been the first “real” boss battle of the game, too, instead of just having a required regular battle at a specific point. More on that later, though.

There's actually quite a lot of treasure to be had in the Haunted Cave that we're exploring here, and not all of it can be found in treasure chests. There are weapons and armor that the monsters drop that tends to be better than what can be bought in stores or found in boxes at this point. I only got one of the swords this time around, and gave it to the hero. It's a somewhat rare drop from one of the possessed sword monsters in this dungeon. There's also a haunted armor monster that will sometimes drop armor, too.

And if the name of the dungeon didn't give it away, this is a ghost- and spirit-themed dungeon. All the monsters in here are ghosts, possessed objects, and other paranormal entities. A lot of them are hard, and the final boss is a self-named Phantasm that had possessed Reyna because it wanted the Hope Ruby. When the party plus Mark shows up, the Phantasm releases Reyna and tells us all this. I sort of feel deprived because there was no “There is no Reyna” line here, but at least there was a decent boss fight to make up for it. Too bad I couldn't have kept Aguro alive for the end of the battle, because there was enough XP to put him over to the next level.

Once the Phantasm is defeated, we take Reyna back to Kirof, where her father is happy to have her back and well again. Mark tells us that if we're looking for Elfrea, there might be somebody who can help us in a place called Belgen. He also explains that the way there is through a cave to the east of Medan, and that Belgen is southeast of there.

Since there's no save point in Kirof, and Medan's in the direction I need to go anyway, I decided I'd just go save there. When I got into the castle town, the princess was explaining to her people that the ruby was a fake and that she and the king had set up the whole ruse to keep the town afloat on tourism money after the jewel mine that had been funding the country ran out of enough jewels to keep them going. The citizens appreciate the princess's honesty so much that they decide that they were as much to blame as the royal family and decide to buckle down and make Medan a thriving place again without either the ruby or the mine.

I think there might be another plot point I have to get through here, but I can't remember if it's before or after I go to Belgen. As it's getting kind of late as I do all of this, and I have things to do in the morning, I think it best that I just save the game for now and come back to it when I've got more time and energy.

Stay tuned for Part Three: Belgen Waffles, in which there may not be much in the way of waffle.

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