Monday, May 20, 2013

TEXT PLAY: Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Taito, SNES 1993): Issue #06: Northwest Tower, Part Two

It wasn't hard doing this. It was hard getting myself motivated to do it.

See, that's the problem with so many of the games that I'll be doing Text Plays of, really. I'm so familiar with the first half or two thirds of most of them that I oftentimes wind up getting bored and quitting before I can get to the interesting parts I haven't done so much. And having to grind for levels because I rushed to get to certain points doesn't help any either.

But anyway, the actual game. Like that strategy guide I mentioned last time said, getting up to about level 13 and using Mid-Arrow items on the Apprentice did make the fight a lot easier. Of course, as I was grinding for levels, I fought a few Kobolds, some of which dropped Mid-Arrows, which came in handy, and I found a ring called the Sonic Ring, which increases the wearer's speed. I guess somebody looked at their ring and decided it could be more sonic. Or it belonged to Sonic the Hedgehog at some point.

Once the Apprentice is satisfied that the hero is who and what he says he is, the Apprentice tells us that Artea the elf is in his home town of Elfrea, but it's going to be quite a trip to get there. We've got to go south through a desert and three towns to find an island surrounded by three other islands to get even close to Elfrea, and that says nothing of actually getting into the town itself. To do that, we'll need someone with Elvish heritage with us. Fortunately, we should be remedying that in the very near future and filling our fourth slot in the party while we're at it.

But that's for next time, folks! See you then, and hopefully, it won't be as long as it was since last time!

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