Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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Much as I dislike doing these things, right now, it's better than the nothing at all I've been posting lately.

So, I'm finally getting my ass in gear with a few things, which is always good. I've got a few special things in mind leading up to and surrounding my 700th post here on this blog. I'll be getting more into those in a coming post, but for now, an interesting little story of a different sort.

See, I was working on some art I've had around for awhile, and I was going to finish it up by running it through an optimization program I've got on my laptop. I usually do that with the idea in mind that I'll be making them a little less massive in file size, just so that people won't be wasting too much bandwidth or data or whatever it is we call it nowadays to load, download, and view the “high-quality” work those of you familiar with my artistic talents are familiar with.

Thing is, though, the screen on my laptop's all messed up now, and I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. I have no idea what caused it. I'm fairly sure it's not the power failure we had in my area that came from a severe thunderstorm we had over the weekend, though I won't entirely rule that out, either. Even though the unit itself wasn't plugged in at the time, it's got one of those external transformer units on it that converts normal house AC into DC current, and that was plugged into a rather old surge protector that might not have been entirely up to snuff, which might explain a thing or two that's been going on around here since then.

Then again, I've also gotta keep in mind that most of the tech-related stuff I've got here is not exactly what one might call new, so this might not be storm-related in some way. Most of what I've got here is a minimum of five years old now, and it shows. The laptop's probably closer to fifteen, so maybe it's age.

And there are a few other possibilities that come to mind, but I'd best not get into those right now. At any rate, considering the age of the device in question here, it's probably a better investment to just see if I can get Photoshop and Imageready installed on a newer device, since I still do use those programs from time to time.

At any rate, I'd better wrap this up for now and get busy on other things for a bit. See you soon with other stuff, folks.

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