Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Still Using the Old Laptop

It’s still useful for some things, I guess.

Not so many of the things I want and need to do any more, but enough to get a few things done, anyway. It’s one reason why I need to get my flabby white ass in gear and finally get around to getting a second job, or some supporters on Patreon, or both, if possible.

As I write this, I’m having my main computer checked out at Heartland Computers, which has been a good place for that the couple years I’ve known they’ve been here. I doubt it’ll be a cheap fix if there’s something wrong, but I’m sure something needs to be done.

While that’s going on, I need to work on getting more income. The best way would probably be that second job thing I mentioned before. I know there are a few places around that are hiring for jobs with the sort of workplace skills that I can say I have in that sense. But given what I understand of the modern job-search process, that’s something that I’d be better off doing on my main PC, which runs faster than the laptop I’m using now.

Since I am, at present, not sure how long it’ll take to get that going again, I’ll have to resort to other means, which, for now, means doing this writing thing. It’s a long-shot, sure, but I’ve also been getting compliments on it for quite a long time, too, so why not try to get at least a little money out of it, right?

Plus, even when I do start seriously applying for jobs, it will still take awhile to hear from potential employers and go through the interview process, so any extra cash I can come up with along the way will be a big help. So, that’s where this writing thing’s going to come in.

I’ve got a few ideas to work with beyond just the Text Play stuff I keep talking about. I’ve actually got two ideas to work on for what I post over at That Guy With The Glasses. There’s one I’ve already got started on my main computer, so that’s going to have to wait until I get that back from the shop. The other one I haven’t started at the time I write this, but will soon after I get this posted.

I’m also always trying to come up with new ideas for my personal blog as well. Those will come when they’re ready, as they always do. I’ll keep working on them, as well.

So, updates will come as they present themselves. See you when I see you, everyone!

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