Thursday, August 28, 2014

Post Number 700: Holy Shit, It’s A Dinosaur!

I may as well do some of this now, even though the fourth anniversary of this blog isn’t officially until November 6.

I’ll probably say something about having been doing this for four years when we get to the first week of November, but since I’m not sure I’ll hit the milestone of 750 posts by then, I’ll just do this now, for 700 posts instead, even though this is slightly less significant.

See, I’ve always been something of a fan of theme songs for things. I kind of like having them for most things I do, and this blog is really no different. So, here I am, 700 posts and just shy of four years into this, and I think I’ve found one that seems to fit my style for being an Internet media guy. It’s something I came across completely by accident, Tubeception, some might call it, not so long ago. I’m not sure of the title of this song, but it’s a parody of the Jurassic Park theme, with lyrics, by Dr. Dinosaur, with a Dragon Ball video by MonkeyKingGhost*:

It most certainly fits my style because, well, here I am doing mostly text work in an era that’s gone, by and large, mostly to video material, far as I can tell, so I guess that makes me something of a dinosaur. That’s probably not something to be proud of, but I sort of am proud of it, so there you go.

And that 700 count? That’s just on this blog. That doesn’t count That Guy With The Glasses and the few other places I post stuff. So, I’m most likely well over the 700 count by now. So, I guess I’ve earned at least a bit of the pride, wouldn’t you think?

At any rate, here’s to another 700 posts and four years of this nonsense! Thanks for your time and readership, everybody!

*: Used here without permission

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