Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Childhood Memory: Blue Cream Soda

This is one of those “swear to god it's true” sort of things.

I was watching Radio Dead Air's live show this Monday night, and a song somebody requested brought back one of those memories I can't really be sure of the accuracy of. There was this one time when I was four or five years old, more or less, when I was doing something with my dad, and we stopped at this gas station on the west side of town. I'm not sure if it was just to get gas, or what exactly the deal was, because this was back in the early 1980s, and things were different then. The place was called Get'N'Go. I remember that much because it had the only sign like it I can recall seeing where I grew up. Part of it was still there, at least, last time I remembered to look for it, though that particular location is something else now, and there are other gas stations by that name around town still.

Get'N'Go was still a convenience store back then like it is today, but like I said, this was the early 80s, and things were a little different back then, so maybe we were getting bait to go fishing or something along with gas. Regardless, though, the thing I remember was there was this nifty pop machine, that I don't think had an actual brand attached to it. Instead of dispensing the way we've become accustomed to the last thirty years or so, this one had little doors in the front and a moving tower sort of thing in it because all the bottles were glass. I thought it was cool and talked my old man into showing me how it worked, and we wound up with this bottle of blue cream soda.

Now, why I remember that specific part of whatever trip we were on that day, I don't know, but it's one of those things my young little mind latched onto, and I still think I remember going on thirty-five years later. I'm inclined to think I'm not entirely remembering this thing right, especially after all this time. I only remember a few very basic things about it, but there are still a few key things missing, and I haven't been able to find anything like it since. Maybe if I could at least remember the brand name or something, I might have more luck, but as is, it's just one of those quirks of memory we all have.

So, anyway, I guess I'd just like to say thanks for inspiring a decent writing project again, RDA! It's greatly appreciated. Maybe now I can get on with other things I need to get done as well.

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